Knowledge Momentum offers technology led software solutions, professional services and product development through a global delivery model. We enable our clients to innovate and create practical solutions to address a wide area of business and technical challenges. We draw on our extensive business- technology experience to develop effective strategies and deliver advanced solutions that are custom tailored to our clients’ needs.

As a leader in providing IT consulting services, Knowledge Momentum enables our clients to control the power of today’s Information Technology. Knowledge Momentum is an expert in addressing enterprise-wide business and technology needs. Knowledge Momentum helps clients plan their ERP and Web strategies and also designs, develops and implements these concepts efficiently. Knowledge Momentum provides a comprehensive array of critical Web and ERP-related services to optimize the leverage of existing and emerging technology in turn, maximizing returns on investment.

Knowledge Momentum has very successfully supported clients in responding to the ever-changing business and technological environments by offering services ranging from Custom Applications, Package Implementations, Post-Implementation support and outsourcing.